World Romance Writers

World Romance writers was a website created for the community of writers, that based their work on romance.On the 16th of December 1999, when the idea was initially put into reality, there was a charge to be a member. In 2002 the founding members Lori Soard and Sally Painter, who are both accomplished writers, decided to make the membership free to enable all authors to have access. Members included not just published writer, but those aspiring to published works. The idea of the world romance writers was to educate, enrich and of course promote different writers work.

Lori Soard who is a Doctor of Philosophy, previous to setting up world romance writers, was the president of “From the heart”. This was between 1997 – 1999. She has also served as a library liaison to Romantic Heart Magazine. Some of her titles include  ”The Elixir” and “The Lipstick Diaries”.

Sally Painters work includes “Danu, the return” and “Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle”. Sally is a Paranormal Romance writer. When she is not writing such books she blogs for the Green Living Channel as well as being the sites editor.

Cliperty clip – sign installation

I was recently organising small festival in our local town. It has grown over years from just local people to additional festival goers from neighbouring towns and villages. With an increase in numbers has come with it, its own set of problems. One of these has been guiding people in the right direction when required. We started with a few bits of paper but now we have printed signs on duck paper Correx a sign making material. The problem was how do we mount these posters / signs on the many large flag poles, aka scaffolding poles, we have assembled around the site. After many failed attempts I searched for sign brackets and sign clips on the internet. We discovered a product at that was perfect for the job. The great think is we can use them year on year and we only have to replace the cable ties that hold these great little devices in place.

Hen party antics

It was when I was given the last minute task of organising a hen party for my sister that I came across … What a life saver! Having never had the task of organising a hen do before as being slightly younger than my sister all of my friends are still not married I had no idea where one would buy. As soon as I found the online shop I knew my problems were sorted. They had a great range of novelty pink, feathery items many with a theme of… you guessed it willies! Very fitting for a hen party. The night went off like a dream with the hen party shot glasses being a real hit. At least I have the heads up for when my friends start to get married.

Rock Climbing in Snowdonia

Without a doubt the rock climbing in Snowdonia is as dramatic as it’s alpine landscape from the imposing mountain crags in Llanberis Pass or the Ogwen Valley, to the exposed sea cliffs of Gogarth, North Wales has it all. The sheer variety and number of rock climbs is enough to keep anyone climbing for a lifetime.

The rock climbing in Snowdonia spans from some of the easiest yet spectacular routes in the UK, right the way through to the hardest rock climbs. What this means is that whether you are a novice making your first steps on a real rock climbs or a seasoned rock climber ticking your way through the classic routes, Snowdonia is the best place in the UK to come.

There are many ways to start out rock climbing in Snowdonia and despite the apparent danger, with proper training from a qualified and experienced coach or instructor much of the risk can be eliminated.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can get started rock climbing in Snowdonia there are many different companies that offer courses from activity centres to whose courses include climbing some of the best routes in the area and exploring some of North Wales’ most impressive cliffs. Our guides are so knowledgeable that they have helped to author three rock climbing guidebooks to the rock climbing in Snowdonia and also wrote the amazing coaching book ‘How to Climb Harder’. It is this encyclopaedic knowledge of the routes that means that you will have the climb of your life

Maths challenges

I was so refreshed to visit a school as part of my job the other week to discover a maths workshop in full flow. I often see dance and music  school workshops but these maths challenges really caught my eye. Maths is not normally associated with active activities but that is exactly what all of the children in the hall were doing. There was noise,  movement and genuine excitement at the large equipment that they were busy beavering away with. The ideas i was later o discover that they were hands on maths activities that helped the pupils to realize that maths didn’t have to be dreary,  yet instead fun! I am hoping that such a workshop still exists when my son is old enough to participate!

Airlines, seats to blindfolds!

It was on my recent travels around the world during my much anticipated holidays from school that I was amazed at the difference in quality between different airlines. From the comfort of the seat to the quality of the food. How can it be that one airline will provide you with a comfy seat with moveable headrest whilst another similarly priced airline give you what feels like a chair made from wood. Or how can it be that the food on one airline can smell nice and look nice and even taste Ok when another, again in the same class of airline provide you with a slop that you wouldn’t even feed your dog? But of course its not just the big things its the overall package, from the quality of the sleep blindfolds to the availability of a blanket. No wonder airlines as a whole have never made a profit!

Blindfold games

It was when the entertainment for my kids party did a no show that i realised that I was going to have to make some pretty quick decisions as not to ruin my sons special day. Luckily we had lots of food but it was the games that we were short of. I quickly made a pass the parcel but the it was one of the other mums that inquired if I had any blindfolds. My immediate response was no, but then I realised that we had an eyemask from when we went to New York the year before. They had been provided free on the plane. I say free, they were probably the most expensive eye masks you could buy as I had to buy a plane ticket to get them! Anyhow, they were perfect for some games. We cobbled together a pinata and then played some old classics like pin the tale on the donkey. There are some great websites with blindfold games described on them. In the end the children started to make up their own games and the parents supervised with a bottle of red. It made me think more about providing our own entertainment at next years. Any ideas anyone? I couldn’t believe it a few weeks later when my kids came home from  team building for schools day and had played the same games and loved them for a second time!

Authors in schools

With literacy such an important topic in the school day, what better opportunity can there be for teachers but to invite an author to their school? There are many authors with published works, many of who also are also illustrators that offer workshops for schools.?These workshops in schools can offer the school children a variety of different experiences. This may range from drawing workshops, which will focus on how to draw characters and so they can be reproduced time an time again, enabling consistency so the reader can always identify with each image. The sessions may also focus on how authors write books. This looks at the mechanics of writing showing pupils how to write a beginning middle and end of a story enabling the reader to feel they are a part of the book. Alternatively authors may helps pupils to concentrate on creative writing. This could be through the engaging students in essays; writing plays / screen plays and of course there are poetry workshops. Many author just visit schools and read to the children. There is nothing more inspiring than story telling by the person who wrote the book.?At the end of the day many schools may get together in the assembly hall and show the other classes what they have learnt and achieved through the day. A memorable day for all involved.